Jeremy Caudle


I have always liked making things. As I went through elementary school, I became fascinated with computers and ever since then I have used them to create. Over the last ten years, though, I haven't made much outside of my job. So I have created this website as a way to showcase my work and to remind myself to create for myself.

Work History


March 2016 - May 2016 | Oklahoma City, OK

Worked with NLC Products during acquisition of a successful catalog and e-commerce company. Provided assistance with email marketing and print advertising, and provided input on community and social media strategies.

Sgt Grit Marine Specialties

May 2005 - March 2016 | Oklahoma City, OK

During my time at Sgt Grit, I worked on and helped manage various types of projects: art production (for t-shirts, coins, and decals), content management, html email design, print and online advertising, web design and development, and marketing. I worked with a small and talented in-house team in addition to some remote teams during my time there. I learned a lot working with them, and I am grateful to have had such an opportunity.

Projects - Launching 2017 - Launching March 2017


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